Play pants.

Today's stitching resulted in a pair of "way to big pants". They where meant to be for I and M to use at school. I only made one pair, which was good since they turned out like 2 sizes to big, as you may see from the photo. I used a new pattern and wanted to try it out. Anyway, we took them with us to park today and gave them to a friend of I and M. She is one year older so they should fit her perfectly.


The Lego theme continues.

Bead bracelets with little legoheads and a little lego brooch. The brooch is pinned on one of the girls jackets. They are really in to wearing a brooch so I think this will have to stay where it is.



These arrived in the post today. Here one of the tags are being modelled by a 2,5 old little hand.

Birthday girl.

Happy Birthday Pili! As you can see she liked our gift.

Birthday gift.

Here is the birthday gift me and the girls gave to our dear friend Pili on Saturday. The ring from the last post, lego earrings and a purple bead necklace. I also made 3 smaller versions of the fabric house to put the gifts in. They where a bit tricky to finish but they turned out very cute in the end.



Buttons can be used for a lot of things. Here together with some bits and pieces to make rings. The Hello Kitty one is off course for ME to keep! I like!

B-day card.

This is a birthday card in the making. It was a looong time ago since I last painted with watercolors. This time I borrowed the girls paint, which turned out fine. I will show you the card after the weekend, together with the gift I made.

Doll blankets.

One each for the girls to play with. The yarn is from the Red Cross charity shop in Karlstad, Sweden. Since I am still a beginner when it comes to crocheting this project was fast and easy to finish.


Necklace made with buttons (off course!) and wooden beads. Color choice was not hard since I am big on PINK!


Little fabric house.

This little house is based on a tutorial from Molly Chicken. The original house is smaller though, made of linen fabric and with beautiful embroidery. But since my embroidery skills are close to non existing i decided to use fabric with prints instead. I also made it bigger, the front is 15 cm wide. Now is is all done and ready for the girls to put their little things in.


Little helpers.

The girls wanted to sit on my lap while making these today. The result is that the stitching turned out a bit crooked. But what the heck, we did them together!


Crocheted flower.

Little flower pinned on little cousin. This was a gift to her. She picked the yarn and as you can see she also likes pink, just like me!


Felt bird brooch with lots of little stitches.


Crocheted shawl.

Finally done! It basically took me all summer to do this. I think the yarn is actually ment for socks but when I saw it in the shop I liked it so much I could not resist. Feels a bit strange to "modell" something made of wool though since it is still like 30 degrees here in Mallorca. But I cant wait for the weather to get a bit cooler so that I get to wrap myself in my new shawl.


Summer pants.

I made these today while the girls where at the nursery. Since we still have hot hot summer they need more short pants. They turned out ok. A bit to tight but since they will only where them for a few weeks I guess it is ok.


Fig season.

It is fig season here on Mallorca now, so my father in law brought me a whole box full of them yesterday. I like, I like!!!! This is the beauty of living here in the Mediterranean. All the fresh fruit and vegetables that you can get, sometimes almost for nothing. And it all tastes soooo nice.

Gift brooch for my sis.

This was a gift for one of my sisters. She graduated from the university in Sweden at the beginning of the summer and she is now a qualified nurse. Well done J!

Picnic in the living room.

Girls have been at home, sick with fever, for a few days now. Today mommy had to play as well. Me and the dolls where all invited to have a picnic in the living room. The blanket we used is my old baby blanket. The girls loves playing with it.


New felt and button brooch. Unfortunately I will not be able to use it because as I was pinning it on the the red jacket to take a photo, a part of the pin fell off. You know the little part that you use to lock it in. Anyway, at the moment it is decorating a photo frame. Since I glued the green hart on top off the pin we will see if I have the energy to change it.

Around the house.

I Love Your Blog.

The lovely Johanna at Skaparstigen has been so kind as to give me this. Thank you ever so much! In return I would like to give this back to her. She is not only an amazing crafter but also a wonderful friend. I know I was suposed to nominate 7 crafting bloggers but since I read, get inspired and admire all of you, here you go, you ALL deserve this one!