Christmas stockings.

This is what the girls used the Christmas stocking for while I was unpacking all our decorations to be put up. I tried to get her to hang them up but NO, they where for wearing ONLY!

Christmas wreath.

This years Christmas wreath made out of pieces of fabric and ribbons I had at home. The Christmas balls are from my local charity store. I think it turned out very cute!


I mean....there are only 2 of them!


A million and one...

This is the result of all that cutting I told you about the other day. Me and the girls took them all to be sold at the home party yesterday. People seemed to like them which is nice!! However, I still have a lot left so if anyone is interested let me know. I am selling them for 5 € plus postage, if they have to be sent out somewhere. Or if you just want to swap....??!! (I also have some of the oil cloth purses for sale, 5 € plus postage).


Oil cloth, except for the brown one, purses that I took to the home party to sell. Very simple design, without inner lining.


X-men brooches.

Lots of different colored felt combined with laminated cutouts from a 10 year old X-men comic book.


This was a gift for the hostess of the home party I went to tonight. I think she owns like 300 pairs of earrings so this should keep some of them in place.



New labels for my brooches. Thanks D for helping me!


Making brooches so that my fingers are bleeding! The girls and I are going to a friends house on Sunday to try to sell some of my brooches. However, I needed to update the selection a bit so have spend ever second this past week stitching by hand. I really hope they will like them!!


Before and After.

A piece of an old curtain that turned in to play food for the girls.


Little hands.

Scrap Brooches.

This is a great way to use up all those little left over pieces of fabric that are taking over my sewing table.