Mass producing.

Little Girls hats.

Girls are also ready for Sweden. The hats are from the market while the ears are homemade. One of the girls did NOT want to be in the picture.

My hat.

I am ready for cold Sweden. This is actually my first and last ever attempt to knit something. Made this 2 years ago. Time to try something else maybe?


Christmas time is coming to town.....

Not a lot of crafting going on here. I am busy cooking and planning for our Swedish Christmas party we are going to have this weekend. Friends and family are coming and the girls are over the moon excited. Then in a week and some odd days we will be leaving for Sweden. We are going to celebrate Christmas in my hometown Karlstad with my family there. Cant wait!


Batman returns.

I was watching the newest Batman movie the other day and got inspired to do these.



Christmas stockings.

This is what the girls used the Christmas stocking for while I was unpacking all our decorations to be put up. I tried to get her to hang them up but NO, they where for wearing ONLY!

Christmas wreath.

This years Christmas wreath made out of pieces of fabric and ribbons I had at home. The Christmas balls are from my local charity store. I think it turned out very cute!


I mean....there are only 2 of them!


A million and one...

This is the result of all that cutting I told you about the other day. Me and the girls took them all to be sold at the home party yesterday. People seemed to like them which is nice!! However, I still have a lot left so if anyone is interested let me know. I am selling them for 5 € plus postage, if they have to be sent out somewhere. Or if you just want to swap....??!! (I also have some of the oil cloth purses for sale, 5 € plus postage).


Oil cloth, except for the brown one, purses that I took to the home party to sell. Very simple design, without inner lining.


X-men brooches.

Lots of different colored felt combined with laminated cutouts from a 10 year old X-men comic book.


This was a gift for the hostess of the home party I went to tonight. I think she owns like 300 pairs of earrings so this should keep some of them in place.



New labels for my brooches. Thanks D for helping me!


Making brooches so that my fingers are bleeding! The girls and I are going to a friends house on Sunday to try to sell some of my brooches. However, I needed to update the selection a bit so have spend ever second this past week stitching by hand. I really hope they will like them!!


Before and After.

A piece of an old curtain that turned in to play food for the girls.


Little hands.

Scrap Brooches.

This is a great way to use up all those little left over pieces of fabric that are taking over my sewing table.


Vinyl record bowl - Step 2.

This is step 2 in my making-vinyl-record-bowls-process. Paint to decorate and thick felt to glue to the bottom of all the bowls.


More Lego.

Yet another Lego bracelet design. This time with wooden beads as well. I have to say though, crafting can be very dangerous sometimes....I almost got a severe injury while drilling all the tiny little holes in the pieces of Lego!!! That does, however, not stop me from doing it all again tomorrow. I am making a couple of these to bring, together with some other things, to a friends house at the end of November. I am hoping they will find some new owners there!


Me and the Girls.

I have been out and about with the girls all day today. I know I usually just complain that they are a handful, but today they have been SO good and we have had SO much fun together. My little sweeties!!! We even went Pony riding for the first time ever and the girls loved it! Above is the result of the visit to the photo booth. Me and the girls!

Zip zip.

I have not been doing much crafting this week. Girls keep me busy and when they are at school there is always something else going on. Anyway, I did however make this little pouch. First time stitching a zipper turned out ok. But only ok, I need to practise! I think however that I have to ask Santa for a new sewing machine for Christmas this year. The one I use now, called Real 510!!!!, is starting to give up on me. I got her at the local hypermarket and she has been very good up until now. But it is time for something else, maybe a bit more advanced than the 2 types of stitches my dear Real can do!! I will send my list to Santa and hope that he will get back to me with something good!


One more season.

Another pair of old, to short, trousers that have been altered to fit one more season. Since I am a "stay at home mom" in a country where you get absolutely nothing from the state this has proven to be a great way to save some extra "dolares"! And the girls are actually very proud, parading around in the park, showing off their new pants that their mama made from old curtains and so on!! So there you go!!!


Papas old Jeans...

This is Papas old Jeans. Now modified to fit 1 of the 2 wild girls that live in my home!


9 weeks and a bit until Christmas.

Its only 9 weeks and some odd days left until Santa knocks on our doors. This means that I have already started to think about Christmas gifts and homemade decorations. The above pictured bracelets are the results of watching the girls play in their grandfathers garden last weekend. The blue ones are 5 separate ones and the white is one long with a little shoe, a Buddha and an elephant. This one is going to be a gift for a shoe crazy friend of mine, for her birthday though. I hope she will like it!