Fast Food Heaven.

Someone told me that the 80s are back in business. That means that these "pillow case" style dresses should be spot on. Girls liked it because it had a guitar, i like it because of the "potrable cassette player". Girls does not know what a Walkman is, they looked at the drawing and asked if it was a car??!!


Brooches, brooches, everywhere....

Plastic beads, scrap fabric, felt and buttons. I am addicted to making brooches....


For my sister.

Brooches for my sister who is working as a nurse back in Sweden. Do you like them sis??


I have been challenged! It was actually quite a while ago that Syfröken challenged me on her blog. It was about posting a photo on your own blog. The sixth photo in the sixth folder. So here it it. My girls! We have just arrived home from hospital and they are one week old. I like this pic so much I even have it printed on my diaper bag.



Trying to organize myself and my crafting. But somehow other stuff ALWAYS gets in the way.....hmmmm....



The wedding we went to yesterday night was fabulous! The girls had a great time and enjoyed all the attention they got from being so cute in their little dresses. The reception started at 19.30 and dinner where served at 21.00. The girls fell alseep on the way home and slept like little angles.


Some serious posing.

Here is me doing some serious posing to show off my new hairpiece. It is going to be worn at a wedding tomorrow. I also made a matching brooch last week, I just cant find it. That is so me!!



Girls are helping me model some new button bracelets.