Crocheting with mom.

My mom is making these beautiful crocheted scarfs. She is so good. She made this one while visiting me in Mallorca.
Girls wanted to model.
I was so inspired that I had to try it for myself. So this is the result of my first ever (!) attempt to crochet; a dolls blanket. I need to fasten all the loose threads and also cover the back with some fabric to even out the crocked sides. Hopefully the girls will want to play with it when it is done.

Girls helping with gifts.

The girls helped me put together these gifts for the teachers at their preschool before we left for Sweden. It is a "thank you" card together with a button flower brooch. They really love helping mommy and always want to join me when I am crafting. Sweet little things they are!

It is like candy!


Pimp my ride.

Got this trolley as a gift from Rättvisa barn. It is an Emmaljunga from 1980-something. My mom has redone it a bit, made a cushion to sit on and also covered the handlebar with new fabric. It is lovely! Thanks mom! Since it is about 20 years old, I guess, it is much more narrow then the new trolley we have back in Majorca. At first I thought this would be a problem and that the girls would not be comfy. But I was so so wrong, THEY LOVE IT!!! The cuddle up together, fall asleep on top of each other and want to go in all the time. Success!!

The blanket is a thrift find I picked up a few days ago. Goes perfect with the trolley!

Posting again!!!

Here I am again. I know I have not been posting in ages but this is because I have been so busy first with my mom visiting for two weeks then my little cousin, age 10, came to visit and then preparing for my yearly 2 months in Sweden. I have now finally arrived at my moms house and can after settling in start enjoying my holidays and hopefully also spend some time crafting. Mind you, the girls will be with me all the time so they will also help with the crafting I guess. Hmmm...

The girls and my mom going for a walk in Palmanova.