I am in a competition to win the above pictured scrap booking candy! Have a look over at House of Inspiration.


"Please mommy, please...."

Every time the girls see me make new brooches they ask me if it is for them. And every time I have to tell them that it is for mommy's brooch box. Mind you, they already have their own collection of my hand made brooches so they don't really need any more. However, the last few days they have actually asked me for "Hello Kitty brooches to put on their jackets to go to school". It's the first time they have actually asked me for something this specific so I thought I would honor their request. The nose looks like a piggy nose though, but the girls where over the moon and proudly went off to school this morning!! Over all result, success!


Sunny day.

Today we spent the whole day over in Palmanova and Magaluf. If was nice and sunny and I think, and hope, that the spring has finally arrived. The girls even kicked their shoes off and tried out the water. To cold for mommy though!


New stuff.

After nearly two months of letting the sewing machine just sit there in the corner to collect dust I finally pulled it out. Here is the result. Something that was easy and quick. Little zippy purses in oilcloth. The felt flowers are stitched by hand. Cant wait for spring to arrive!


Lovely day.

Today we have been to a Birthday Party. Little Africa turned 2 years old and good weather, as you can see on the photo, combined with nice food and happy people made the day complete! Tomorrow we are going to another party! Busy, busy.....