Pimp my ride.

Got this trolley as a gift from Rättvisa barn. It is an Emmaljunga from 1980-something. My mom has redone it a bit, made a cushion to sit on and also covered the handlebar with new fabric. It is lovely! Thanks mom! Since it is about 20 years old, I guess, it is much more narrow then the new trolley we have back in Majorca. At first I thought this would be a problem and that the girls would not be comfy. But I was so so wrong, THEY LOVE IT!!! The cuddle up together, fall asleep on top of each other and want to go in all the time. Success!!

The blanket is a thrift find I picked up a few days ago. Goes perfect with the trolley!

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Danny said...

Papa is proud of poppet! nice work!