Crocheting with mom.

My mom is making these beautiful crocheted scarfs. She is so good. She made this one while visiting me in Mallorca.
Girls wanted to model.
I was so inspired that I had to try it for myself. So this is the result of my first ever (!) attempt to crochet; a dolls blanket. I need to fasten all the loose threads and also cover the back with some fabric to even out the crocked sides. Hopefully the girls will want to play with it when it is done.


Skaparstigen said...

Så bra att du har kommit igång. Ser ju jättebra ut!

Danny said...

like the modeling!!!

Min dotter o jag! said...

Jag har inte heller virkat så mycket men det ser fint ut när andra gör det.

Sakhi said...