Carnival times.

Yesterday was Carnival day at the girls nursery. Its that time of the year here now you see. At first they where meant to where their Spiderman suits, but then, the day before they just refused!!! So, after confirming with 2 stubborn 3-year old sweet children, that they wanted to dress up as princesses instead, I had to make some skirts that somehow resembled a princess outfit. So the skirts where made the day before (or more like the night before!) the event. A simple design turned in to these two skirts. The girls where over the moon happy in the morning when they saw them and happily got dressed to go to school. That was my reward!!

They all went together with their teachers to the small village square to play for like half an hour and take pictures.


Skaparstigen said...

Så fina de blev!
Det ser lite trevligare ut hos er, här är det ca 15 minus.

Maria said...

SÅ mysigt med maskeradkarneval. Men måste ta tid att ordna dressar!